DAF Genuine Exchange Parts

The widest assortment in the industry

DAF offers a high-quality alternative for a large number of components, such as starter motors, engines, alternators and transmissions. These are known as DAF Exchange Parts. 

Highest quality standards

Just like our DAF Genuine Parts, our Exchange Parts satisfy the highest quality standards. They are remanufactured and tested according to pre-established DAF standards. This ensures that the quality of these exchange parts is equivalent to that of new parts. Therefore the same warranty conditions apply to DAF Exchange Parts as for new DAF Genuine Parts. Re-use of parts is better for the environment and can, furthermore, result in considerable cost savings. With DAF Exchange Parts, you reduce your operational costs substantially through quick replacement of complete components at attractive prices.


The benefits of choosing a DAF exchange engine:

  • Remanufactured to original DAF specification
  • Extensively tested
  • Value for money
  • Less vehicle down time
  • Comprehensive DAF warranty

DAF Exchange Parts - Engines

DAF Exchange PartsWhen it is time to repair a faulty or worn-out engine, DAF Exchange Parts offers you the choice of a factory-overhauled exchange engine. The quality of this power unit matches that of the original DAF engine, because the same strict requirements are imposed on the overhaul, as on the initial production process. An original exchange engine from DAF Exchange Parts is therefore as good as new, with the added attraction of the price of an exchange component. DAF can offer a very extensive range, including short blocks, long blocks and complete exchange engines, guaranteeing that we can supply a suitable solution for every repair.

Exchange engine with added value

Reliability, fuel consumption, maintenance costs, emission values and warranty are essential factors when you opt for DAF trucks, and the same must apply for an exchange engine. These engines are fully disassembled by DAF Trucks, and reassembled as new. The overhauled engines are then tested according to the same conditions as new engines. Only following a thorough analysis of the test results are the engines released for sale. Therefore, an original DAF exchange engine offers you clear added value in comparison with an engine overhauled in your own workshop, or by a third party. Fitting a DAF service exchange engine can also contribute to the residual value of your truck.


The benefits of choosing a DAF exchange gearbox:

  • Matched in every respect to the DAF driveline
  • Minimal friction for favourable fuel consumption
  • High quality, attractively priced
  • Same warranty as on new gearboxes
  • Eco-friendly through re-use of materials
  • Costs known beforehand (unlike repair)
  • Minimal downtime through replacement of complete components

DAF Exchange Parts - Gearboxes

An exchange gearbox that changes gear as flawlessly as a new one? Complete with a factory warranty for guaranteed durability?

Yes, that is indeed possible because a factory reconditioned exchange gearbox from DAF Genuine Exchange Parts offers you the quality of a new unit, at the attractive price of an exchange part. DAF has a genuine exchange gearbox for practically every truck in the range.

Optimal operational reliability

DAF Exchange Parts

The gearbox is an important link in the driveline of your truck. It makes it possible to drive in the appropriate gear, no matter what the load or speed, as economically as possible. With engines that develop more than 500 hp, the forces in the gearbox can easily rise to thousands of Newton metres. With forces like this, the transmission has a hard time of it.

Nobody wants to take unnecessary risks, so you naturally opt for top quality when replacing a defective gearbox. With a DAF Parts Exchange gearbox, which comes complete with a full factory warranty, you opt for optimal operational reliability and optimal gear change comfort.


The benefits of choosing a DAF exchange clutch:

  • Remanufactured to DAF original specification
  • Less vehicle downtime
  • Value for money
  • Off-the-shelf availability
  • Comprehensive DAF warranty

DAF Exchange Parts - Clutches

DAF Exchange PartsWhen it is time to repair a faulty or worn-out clutch unit, DAF Service Exchange offers you the possibility of choosing a factory remanufactured clutch. The quality of this service exchange component matches that of a brand-new unit, because the same strict requirements are imposed on the rebuild, as on the initial production process. An original service exchange clutch unit from DAF Exchange Parts is therefore literally as good as new, and with the added attraction of the price of a service exchange component.

Maximum performance

The clutch is an essential component of the driveline, and in practice is often subject to intense wear. Under the most extreme circumstances, it must give maximum performance whilst at the same time offering the driver sufficient comfort by absorbing vibrations. For this reason, a DAF clutch kit consists of perfectly-matched quality components.

Starter motor

The benefits of choosing DAF exchange alternators and starter motors:

  • Matched in every respect to your DAF truck
  • Highest performance
  • Highest operational reliability
  • Best service life
  • Minimal noise for optimal comfort
  • Same warranty as on new parts
  • Eco-friendly through re-use of materials
  • Costs known beforehand
    (unlike repair)
  • Wide range
  • Easy to order, short delivery time

DAF Exchange Parts - Starter motors and alternators

DAF LubricantsOperational reliability is the most important element of a truck, because downtime immediately impacts on the productivity. First-time starting is therefore the first thing that comes to mind. That depends not only on a powerful starter motor but also on a reliable battery, which in turn is charged by the alternator.

These three components must be perfectly matched to one another for sure starting and to provide sufficient power to all the electrical and electronic devices on the modern DAF truck. So always opt for Genuine DAF Parts when replacing your alternator or starter motor. That prevents unpleasant surprises.

Optimal operational reliability

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. For example, a new battery connected to an alternator with insufficient amperage output will never provide the performance you require. You notice this when starting, especially in the winter, but also when there is insufficient current for the on-board equipment package and lighting.

Apart from our superior quality batteries, this is why DAF Exchange Parts also offers you attractively priced exchange alternators and starter motors. These are literally as good as new and are rebuilt precisely according to factory specifications. In this way, every link in the chain is optimised and you can continue to rely on the electrical circuit of your truck – for optimal operational reliability.

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