DAF Genuine Parts

DAF Genuine Parts offers the following benefits

  • The parts are designed to be 100% tailored to your DAF truck
  • They reliably maximise service life and performance
  • Full DAF warranty
  • Minimal operating costs
DAF Parts Genuine PartsPut your trust in our proven quality and use DAF Genuine Parts for maintenance and repair work. These parts have been designed in line with the same quality standards as DAF trucks. The high-quality design of DAF Genuine Parts ensures optimised coordination of all the components inside your truck – with a direct impact on performance, safety and service life. What's more, by using DAF Genuine Parts you will be able to optimise the efficiency of your truck.

DAF offers an excellent warranty for all DAF Genuine Parts. When installed by a DAF dealer, the warranty covers not just the parts but also the installation costs! So you're not just buying an original DAF part but also benefiting from our experience, expertise and service.

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