The New XF

exterior design evolution

Great design is a hallmark of DAF

The new premium exterior makes The New CF and XF the most attractive trucks on the road. And with the updated interior, drivers have an environment that makes their favourite truck even better.

DAF New XF and CF

Design features

  • Design features

    New design features ensure the New CF and XF are the most eye-catching trucks on the road. They also contribute to excellent aerodynamics to enhance your transport efficiency.

  • 1

    New sun visor

    The sun visor has a new design to optimise aerodynamics and inclused a stylish element for great exterior appeal.

  • 2

    Redesigned DAF logo

    The DAF logo has been redesigned with chrome edges and an attractive aluminium-look, symbolizing the trucks’ quality.

  • 3

    Grille mesh

    Mesh on the grille gives the truck a strong, appealing and modern look.

  • 4

    Lower bumper insert

    For a high-end look, the lower bumper has an alu accent.

  • 5

    Practical upper panel

    There’s a large panel above the DAF logo so you can add your company name.

  • 6

    Great welcome

    A stylish DAF-logo in the doorstep welcomes the XF driver in the luxurious cab.