Friday, 14 May, 2021 | «KyivExpoPlaza»



The DAF Trucks Ukraine team invites you on May 18-20, 2021 to visit the largest event of the year in the field of road construction and demonstration of heavy machinery - ‘HD Technopolygon 2021’, where you will be introduced to the first new DAF CF 480 tipper with a new Euro 5 class transmission.

This model has 10% lower fuel consumption than the previous CF84.460 thanks to the new MX-13 engine, TraXon gearbox, and rear axles. The new cab of this dump truck is raised higher and gives a larger angle of attack, which further increases the passability of the dump truck.


Visit the DAF Trucks stand and our professional representatives will show you all the benefits of the new DAF CF 480 - tipper, for work in any climate on any road surface, whether highway, construction place, or quarry!

We look forward to seeing you on May 18-20, 2021 at the DAF Trucks stand, KyivExpoPlaza: Ukraine, p. Berezivka, street Amsterdam, 1.


We wish you to stay healthy and see you at ‘HD Technopolygon 2021’!

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