High-end exterior design

The New LF’s superb exterior design gives it a strong and friendly look, making the truck a great advertisement for your business.

LF exterior design

Design features

  • Design features

    The exterior design of the New LF shares many of the features that give the New CF and XF a completely new look, which is both sturdy and elegant.

  • 1

    New roof air deflector and fenders

    New roof air deflector and fenders improve aerodynamics and lower fuel consumption by up to 4%.

  • 2

    Redesigned DAF logo

    The DAF logo has been redesigned with chrome edges and an attractive aluminium-look, symbolizing the trucks’ quality.

  • 3

    Silver grille strips

    Silver grille strips give The New LF a strong, appealing and modern look.

  • 4

    New vision door

    Especially in city distribution transport, the new vision door improves safety by giving drivers a better view to the near-side.

  • 5

    Practical upper panel

    There is a large panel above the DAF logo so you have plenty of room to add your company name.